Make your product feedback more useful

Collect feedback from your team directly in Slack. Use your own customer data to make better decisions.

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We're currently onboarding new users personally to ensure a great experience. We'll help you get set up, import your data, and more!

Built for Slack

Your team wants to submit customer feedback through Slack, not Trello or Google Sheets. Our intelligent Slack bot allows your entire team to easily contribute feedback, saving you bandwidth.

Leverage your customer data

If customers are mentioned with product feedback, our integrations can pull in relevant data from your CRM and other sources. Prioritize features based on their impact to revenue, # of enterprise customers, and more.


Sort, filter, and organize the data however you want.

Use the same tools

Use JIRA or another task-tracking tool? Easily create issues from Prowess feedback or link them to existing epics, and we'll help you track the overall progress of a feature in development.

Close the loop

Prowess remembers all customers + stakeholders who care about each feature. When a feature is done, send everyone a personal message via Slack!

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